International Business

One World Initiative (OWI) economic advisors conduct research on the state of the global economy with an eye on encouraging the growth of multi-national corporations and businesses worldwide. OWI broadcasts will shine the light on how best to fathom the choppy waters of a global economy.

Drawing on the most brilliant minds from prestigious business colleges, foundations and various think tanks, OWI will be interviewing experts providing business owners with up-to-date advice on world-wide market conditions, the latest technical advances, inside business reports, proven financial strategies to help manage money more effectively, targeting investment opportunities and vendor recommendations for smoother resource and manpower management.

Documentaries and interviews present techniques and the latest trends in areas of cost-basis analysis and economies of scale, leading to greater profit margins for corporations and businesses of all sizes, domestically and globally.

All sectors of enterprise including finance, manufacturing, transportation, wholesale, retail and technical will benefit from the informative reports of OWI economic advisors.