Declaration of Climate Crisis Action

As the arc of human history moves forward, One World Initiative (OWI) fears too many are fiddling while our world burns in flames. It is time for a Call to Action.

Our shared planet is melting. 2021 is registering the hottest temperatures in recorded time. OWI sees killer heat waves scorching our lands, broiling our oceans and roasting our people. We see our climate unleashing all-time high temperatures, massive droughts, enormous rainstorms, deadly floods and flash landslides killing thousands of humans, as our heated oceans destroy millions of fish and shellfish worldwide.

In 2021, the International Panel on Climate Change concluded “nations have delayed curbing their fossil fuel emissions for so long that they can no longer stop global warming from intensifying over the next 30 years, though there remains a short window to prevent the most harrowing future.” Fifty years ago, we were warned. Predictions were made, only to be ignored. What was seen as coming—is here. Now. Right where you live. Today the proof is all around us. We are past a tipping point that is leading to the destruction of our planet. It is time to meet this challenge head-on. We must act together—united, to confront this crisis. Now. 

Some deny it—some choose to call it climate change, or global warming. OWI calls it what it is: GLOBAL HEATING, a deadly phenomenon requiring immediate action by the entirety of mankind, citizens, governments and businesses from all corners of the Earth.

Many nations have agreed to adopt the recent European Commission call to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2050 and to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Scientists estimate that, even if we meet global emissions reduction goals, some amount of warming is baked in.

OWI therefore invites leaders of governments, businesses and civil society organizations to share with our worldwide audience their above-and-beyond commitments and accomplishments in the fight to reduce fossil fuel emissions and combat global heating. OWI will produce high quality video interviews and fireside chats with role model leaders via broadcast and social media to a mass audience worldwide with a special focus on educating and motivating current and future generations.

Join us in this Call to Action. Sign on to our Climate Crisis Declaration, sharing your determination and effort with the world through this innovative public broadcast media campaign.