One World Initiatives (OWI) Global Broadcast works with international journalists from a variety of media: broadcast, print and internet, providing OWI viewers with the latest, up-to-date reports on developments throughout the world from reporters and news people reporting from the front lines of world events.

Many of these journalists are among the most recognizable media personalities covering international happenings around the globe. Included are syndicated columnists, television broadcast anchors and contributors, known not only in their countries, but in many cases, are known around the globe as trusted authorities on subjects of international importance.

These journalists provide commentary on broad, overview perspectives and are honored for their deep knowledge and contacts in specific areas of focus, from governmental affairs to multi-national economic developments, threats to the environment, current advances in worldwide education and the latest advances in improving global health.

All of these participating journalists are dedicated to the OWI mission encouraging worldwide cooperation, adding their platforms to drive the movement of increasing cooperation between nations, corporations, foundations and the people of the world.