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OWI Addressed NYU Students on Climate Crisis

One World Initiative’s Founder and President Sophia Luo recently addressed a class of Broadcast students at New York University (NYU) on OWI’s innovative student video program on the climate crisis. 

“We recognize that the crisis of global heating atmosphere has put our planet’s future at jeopardy,” she said, “and we also recognize that you, the youth of the world, are the future … and the ones who will be affected the most by the inaction of today’s world leaders. Your future depends on the climate crisis being solved. The way we see it, this is your fight, more than ours.” 

Invited to present the mission and goals of OWI and its students’ broadcasting program by NYU’s Adjunct Professor Andrew Goldman, Miss Luo laid out details and urged their participation. 

“I chose to launch our new program here as NYU is the premier film school in the United States,” she said. “From here we will go to colleges throughout the United States, Columbia, Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Miami, Washington State, Arizona State and more. Eventually, we’ll be reaching out to universities and colleges in Europe, Asia and Africa as well. We want all of their voices heard.” 

To review Miss Luo’s complete comments at the NYU event, please scroll down. 

One World Initiative

Global Youth Voices on the Climate Crisis

Thank you. I’m honored to have this opportunity to speak with you about my organization — One World Initiative — and its exciting new program designed specifically for you and your generation. Thanks to Professor Goldman for inviting me. 

My name is Sophia Luo. I am the founder and CEO of One World Initiative Advocacy, a nonprofit global public broadcasting and digital corporation headquartered right here in your city. 

OWI’s overall mission is to bring the nations of the world closer together through our global broadcast and digital efforts, sharing honest information about important global issues and encouraging increased multinational cooperation. We do this through the power of video, presenting insights and innovative solutions through our digital broadcast platform. 

We recognize that the global heating crisis has put our planet’s future at jeopardy. And we also recognize that you, the youth of the world, are the future … and the ones to be affected the most by the inaction of today’s world leaders. Your future depends on the climate crisis being solved. 

The way we see it, this is your fight, more than ours.  

Therefore, we are offering you, the students of the world, our future, the opportunity to be heard across the globe by initiating a unique, new program: The OWI Global Youth Voices on the Climate Crisis. 

We want to engage you in our mission because you are the best and most credible influencers when it comes to building a global movement to solve this impending climate disaster. 

We invite you, and your university, to film and video your views on what you see as the threat of a heating world with ice caps melting, wildfires raging and the seas rising — and what you feel must be done to solve the problem.  

Then we will gladly broadcast your submitted thoughts to the entire world over our global television and digital networks. This is OWI’s contribution to help us all win this battle.  

We invite you to go out and interview your peers, capture the conversations on video. Interview those whose livelihoods are threatened by climate change. But also influence those who have the solutions. Not just experts but regular citizens. Collectively, we can build a movement grounded in your unique insights. 

Surely the students of NYU should be heard and seen on this critically important subject? OWI will be extending the same invitation to many universities, both in the United States and around the world. Students in all disciplines are invited to share their thoughts with OWI — for us to share with the world what you think must be done. 

Students at Columbia, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Northwestern, Georgetown, the University of Washington, UCLA, North Carolina, Arizona State, Missouri, Cal Berkeley and more are participating.  

We are also offering this opportunity to students around the world, from Europe and Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

Now, I welcome your thoughts, your ideas and your questions. 

It has been my honor to address you today. And I look forward to seeing the wonderfully creative and impactful submissions from you, the voices of New York University.