Our Values

One World Initiative (OWI) is a nonprofit global public broadcast & digital platform organization that, in partnership with public networks worldwide serves a wide swath of the global public with programming of the high quality, using our media to inform, share ideas, educate, inspire and provide a variety of informed perspectives on topics ranging from business, economics, finance, investments, public health, global warming, education, environmental issues, tourism and the arts—to exploring cultural aspects of nations and people throughout our planet.

Our values include honesty, accuracy, clarity, non-judgmental reporting, and a diversity of ideas, free expression with journalistic integrity and unfailing respect for our viewers. We avoid all things political and are dedicated to doing our part to bring the nations of the world together through communication—seeking a better world for our future generations.

 OWI offers a wide variety of programming including interviews, OWI Conversations with experts and corporate leaders, corporate profiles, documentaries, opinion-editorials and more.