Director, Content Development

Amy Kolsky

Director, Content Development

Amy Kolsky has twenty years’ experience in media.

A talented outreach specialist in the fields of events, media and film, she also has extensive experience as a production coordinator, a casting coordinator and as an archival researcher.

She has worked with shows that broadcast on HBO, Paramount and ABC, as well as Showtime’s documentary film AFTER INNOICENCE and HBO’s SAND AND SORROW. She also works in the production of film festivals and fundraising events where she coordinates, publicizes and performs outreach.

Her latest involvement was the Ray Bradbury Centennial where she garnered partnerships with governmental organizations and corporate entities as well as coordinated a Read-A-Thon online video of Fahrenheit 451.

She has a teaching background, having taught primary through college levels in the USA as well as Europe and the United Arab Emirates.