Founder & President

Sophia Luo

Founder & President

Sophia Luo is the Founder and President of One World Initiative (OWI), a global non-profit public broadcast and digital media platform, headquartered in New York City.

OWI develops and disseminates independent, intelligent and inspiring insights with the goals of educating current and future generations on important global issues and encouraging increased cooperation among institutions, corporations and civil society across national boundaries.

Miss Luo traveled and worked globally with a special emphasis on the United States for more than a decade prior to moving to New York City. She rose to become Vice President for Global Development of Chi-Cheng Net, a private global media platform covering international lifestyle and cultural developments. In this role, she recognized the positive impact of cross-cultural collaboration and dialog, thereby inspiring her vision for the One World Initiative movement.

Her watchwords are: “When people come together in support of a cause, good things happen.”

Miss Luo majored in Sociology at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, focusing on cross-cultural understanding, which is the heart and soul of One World Initiative.

Beyond her work for OWI, she enjoys literature, the arts and nature and is actively involved in youth programs, charitable efforts and fitness sports.