Keeping up with the cascade of technical advancements is nearly a fulltime occupation in itself. One World Initiative (OWI) is prepared to assist corporations, foundations, governments and individuals by presenting interviews and documentaries featuring state-of-the-art developments on the newest frontiers of high technology.

With an eye on the latest in Artificial Intelligence and it’s growing list of applications and multiple usages, OWI broadcasts serves as a reliable resource for the latest knowledge from the high-technology innovators.

Featuring broadcast interviews with leading experts in all phases of technology, OWI provides the knowledge for viewers to stay ahead of even the most innovative next steps in the world of high-tech.

The multitude of applications and new uses provided corporations, businesses and governments through the advances in high technology will prove to be an economic boom for those willing to adapt to the new world of advanced technological commerce. OWI experts are standing by to share the latest, most valuable technological advances with all supporters of OWI’s mission encouraging international cooperation and world prosperity.