World Health

One World Initiative (OWI) Global Public Broadcast provides timely programming featuring experts and programs underway for improving the health of humans, encouraging cooperative global efforts by governmental, medical and relief organizations worldwide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a listing of the planet’s most urgent global health issues. Governments, communities and international agencies must work together to address these critical issues. WHO added that these challenges are urgent and “several are interlinked.”

First on the WHO list is the world’s climate crisis which holds major health implications, with air pollution alone killing an estimated seven million people annually, as well as more than 25% of deaths from chronic respiratory disease, heart attacks, lung cancer and strokes are attributable to the same emissions responsible for global warming. WHO is calling for “Leaders in both the public and private sectors to work together to clean up our air and mitigate the health impacts of climate change.”

The above call is precisely that of One World Initiative’s commitment to produce programming calling for increased multi-national cooperation, including government, corporate and foundation efforts to focus on improving the health of our planet worldwide.

Due to the inequity in the quality of people’s health across socio-economic groups, WHO notes an 18-year difference between the life expectancy of people in low and high-income countries, as well as “disparities in child and maternal care, nutrition, gender equality, mental health and access to adequate water and sanitation.”

Major infectious diseases will kill an estimated four million people worldwide annually, according to the World Health Organization, people of all nations must come together to solve the problem of airborne pandemics through vaccinations and social distancing.

OWI global broadcasts feature in-depth coverage of experts from WHO, scientists, Doctors Without Borders and other organizations seeking progress in improving global health on all continents of the Earth.