Carbon Capture Tech Can’t Quite Compete With Rainforests, Yet

President Reagan gave a televised address in March 1983 that proposed a space-based program that could shoot down nuclear missiles fired at the United States, otherwise known as “Star Wars.” While it was a pipe dream, the increased U.S. military spending did force the Soviet Union also to squander scarce resources. Finally, the two sides reconciled, and the Cold War ceased.

The U.S. Recession That Wasn’t Recession?

“A recent impressively strong jobs report should put all that recession talk to rest,” said Jonathan Levin in Bloomberg. The Labor Department reported that employers added 339,000 jobs in May, “the most since January and a number entirely out of line with widespread predictions of an imminent recession.”

High Inflation is Officially Behind Us

We can now officially deem our bout of high inflation to be over. The just-reported CPI increase for May was only 0.12 percent, which is 1.5 percent annualized, and the PPI increase was negative 0.32 percent, or negative 3.8 percent annualized. Both the monthly CPI (consumer prices) and PPI (producer prices) numbers have been moderate to benign for 11 months now.

What Is The Human Cost Of Global Warming?

With at least 192 nations preparing to gather in Bonn, Germany, in June for a major climate conference, scientists at the Universities of Exeter in the UK and Nanjing in China have quantified the human cost of global warming.