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As The Demand Heats Up, Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production Is Near

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is best known as home to the LSU Tigers, but energy experts will soon recognize it for its low-carbon hydrogen production, which will start two years from now. It will use biomass as a feedstock and produce 10 to...

Long-Duration Energy Storage Is Core To Tripling Renewables By 2030

Nevada-based NV Energy is deploying solar-plus-storage to generate half its electricity with renewables by 2030 and all of it by 2050. It will buy the output from three projects, generating 1,200 megawatts of solar energy and using 590 MW in energy storage...

How An Appalachian Girl Became California’s Climate Champion

The 1972 hit song “It Doesn’t Rain in Southern California” is obsolete — buried by rainfalls this week totaling more than 12 inches. That triggered flooding and hundreds of mudslides, causing at least 300,000 people to lose power.

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