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Electrifying Almost Everything Means Much More Nuclear Energy

For 25 years, I’ve watched nuclear energy get knocked down and back up — revived mainly because of the need to decarbonize and hit net-zero targets. But this time, it appears that nuclear’s roots in the electricity and industrial sectors will firm...

Hydrogen Hubs Will Fuel Economic Growth, Especially In Coal Country

When President Biden got elected, he promised to help reinvent coal country. And he is fulfilling his promises by facilitating the Appalachian Hydrogen Hub, which will create 21,000 jobs and attract $925 million in public investment. EQTEQT +0.8% Corporation, Battelle, and GTI Energy are...

Why Suriname’s Carbon Finance Program Could Change The World

Mr. October is on deck. Marciano Dasai, Suriname's minister of spatial planning and environment, spoke at Climate Week in New York and is pitching 4.8 million carbon offsets to the real heavy hitters — the rich nations responsible for most of the globe’s CO2...

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