Arts & World Culture

One World Initiative (OWI) recognizes the important role the Arts & Culture play in our world.

We recognize and celebrate the diverse variety of world cultures framed by centuries of histories, experiences, beliefs, religion and geography, including their traditions of art, music, films, literature, theater, dance and more across the globe.

OWI will feature televised and digital broadcasts of interviews and profiles on those talented performers in art, theater, opera, television, film, and music, as well as in-depth conversations with novelists, poets, film directors and media giants from publications and digital platforms from all continents of the globe.

OWI treats all cultures equally, broadcasting interviews and documentaries featuring cultural leaders and stories that showcase then individual glory of each nuanced form of civilization while interviewing academicians, historians and sociologists from all societies in an all-out effort to build mutual respect and cooperation between cultures.

Our goal in highlighting the evolvement of the arts and cultures from around the globe is our signal attempt to unify and bring together all the people of the world.