Our Mission

One World Initiative (OWI) is a nonprofit global public broadcast organization designed to bring the world together through television broadcasts, social media, Internet, podcasts, other media outlets, conferences and publications.

Featuring dialogue among leaders in governments, business, foundations and media, OWI broadcasts provide insights and solutions on the vital issues of climate change, economic development, world health, education, public diplomacy and more, focusing on the importance of increased cooperation and goodwill among people and nations.

 OWI produces original, informative, inspirational, educational and timely content about how to solve the important problems confronting the world. OWI features interviews with citizens and leaders from all fields of human endeavor who share our belief in the urgent need for increased cross-border dialog and international collaboration. OWI content emphasizes solutions and effective implementation as much as analysis and problem diagnosis. OWI provides a platform for younger, emerging influencers as well as established experts. The OWI platform disseminates not only OWI original content but other content consistent with our mission.

OWI seminars and lectures feature top authorities and leaders with expertise, commitment and implementable ideas fostering international cooperation for cross-learning and mutual betterment. OWI will produce a series of publications and editorials from recognized and emerging experts.

OWI’s sole mission is to provide a media content platform that brings the leaders and peoples of the world together in a spirit of international cooperation, peace and prosperity.