Who We Are

A Global Public Broadcast To Connect The World Together

One World Initiative (OWI) is a nonprofit global public broadcast organization based in New York City formed to increase cooperation among nations of the world through broadcast programming, integrated media, printed materials and international events.

OWI believes people deserve a global public media platform focused on encouraging the vital importance of inter-connectedness of the world. OWI strives to deliver compelling, informative, inspirational, innovative and quality coverage of world happenings through a variety of means, including broadcasts, podcasts, videos, prints, documentaries, interviews with international leaders, and integrated media. As a world-wide public broadcast media platform, OWI offers impactful programming, subjects in economic, culture, climate crisis, world health, education, poverty, philanthropy, science, technology, environmental protection, public affairs and related developments. 

At a time when we all face the growing threat of a rapidly warming planet, sporadic pandemics and economic inequality across the globe, our mission seeking improved cooperation of nations, business and labor all working together for an improved future for generations to come.