One World Initiative (OWI) believes rebuilding infrastructure is a most important means of promoting economic enrichment for all nations of the world. OWI presents interviews with leading infrastructure proponents and produces documentaries highlighting the success of projects currently underway or recently completed.

There is not a nation on Earth that would not benefit by investing in rebuilding roads and highways, strengthening aging bridges, building dams and canals, adding high-speed trains, modernizing airports, building subways and tunnels, increasing port facilities and adopting carbon-free, sustainable sources of energy such as wind, thermal and tidal power grids.

OWI global broadcasts encourages investing in major construction projects that will boost employment, increase an economy for decades and result in a vastly improved and functioning society when completed. Once these infrastructure programs are up and running, all nations will be able to switch from fossil fuel-based vehicles to all-electric, adding charging stations in place of the ever-present gasoline stations in the future.

Featured infrastructure successes include China’s bullet train, the fastest in the world, Dubai’s 21-square mile Al Maktoum International airport, Saudi Arabia’s Jubail II city project housing nearly 100 modernized industrial plants and Libya’s Great Man-Made River (GMR), the largest irrigation project in the world.

The United States plans to invest in highways, roads, bridges, electric grids, hydroelectric dams, public transit, railways, airports, waterways and ports, improving water systems, replacing lead pipes, electric vehicle investments and expanding high-speed broadband, hospitals, school construction and more on workforce innovation.