Climate Change

One World Initiative (OWI) believes that climate change (and the urgent need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and achieve net zero emissions by 2050) is the number one challenge facing humanity. Global warming is linked to ocean rise, fiercer and frequent storms, massive floods and forest fires, unsafe water and poorer air quality. Individuals, organizations and nations must come together to set targets, provide resources and meet pledges, thereby building a safer world for future generations.

OWI believes that there is an urgent need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. OWI’s role is to accelerate international communication and idea-sharing to help achieve this goal.

OWI interviews environmental experts across multiple disciplines to produce high impact content on how to curb our planet’s carbon footprint. We recognize that time is running out for the nations of the world to pull together to reverse the damaging effects of climate change and planetary warming.

Cooperative efforts to reduce economic reliance on fossil fuels and rapid expansion of green energy sources such as hydroelectric, wind and tidal power are needed urgently. Best practice programs to accelerate the shift to cleaner energy including carbon taxes and electric vehicle incentives need to be communicated and implemented more quickly.

Climate warming is a global problem that cannot be solved by one or two superpowers. To defeat the damage of global warming: rising seas, fiercer storms, massive floods, forest fires, hurricanes, typhoons as well as unsafe water sources and deadly air quality—all the governments, businesses, foundations and peoples of the planet, must work together for the benefit of future generations.

OWI’s mission is to achieve change through helping to generate and disseminate important ideas that can solve the important problems facing humanity.