Declaration of International Unity

What does our world mean to you?

What can you do for the world today?

When times reveal that something important to humanity is out of balance, the need for fundamental reevaluation gains momentum and the need for fresh approaches becomes eminently clear.

One World Initiative (OWI) believes that we are at such an inflexion point in history. We see a world that is fractured, wounded and in need of a major dose of energy and renewal. We hear a call, especially from younger generations, for social and economic rebirth that demands the nations and peoples of the world recommit to working as one in a unified effort to improve mutual respect, cooperation and unity of purpose.

OWI is dedicated to solving important international problems by providing a broad media platform to mobilize communication that harness the wisdom of individual citizens and entrepreneurs alongside leaders of governments, businesses, foundations and civil society. OWI brings the world closer through dialog, joint economic and social projects and building alliances that enhance the prospects for global peace and prosperity.

OWI brings the world together through broadcasts, social media, podcasts, conferences and workshops, covering global issues of climate change, world health, education, economic development and public diplomacy, all designed to accelerate the flow of thoughtful dialog and build cooperation and goodwill across national boundaries.

We believe that communication, education and listening are the core drivers of the enhanced mutual respect and cooperation that will deliver a better future for us all.

To paraphrase the late President John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what the world can do for you. Ask what you can do for the world.”