SDG 17

The Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG 17) seeks to instill collaboration between nations of the world in pursuit its goals by the year 2030 within five specific categories: Finance, TechnologyCapacity BuildingTrade and Systemic Issues, in a call for countries to align policies.

SDG 17 goals are a mirror image of One World Initiative’s. Our shared goals are in perfect alignment. Because of that, OWI throws its complete support and offers its facilities in behalf of our sister nonprofit SDG 17. Our organization will continue to work with and feature the group’s progress in support of their and our joint missions.

The Sustainable Development Goal 17 is targeting the following: Poverty, Hunger, HealthEducationGender EqualityEnergyEconomic GrowthIndustryInequalities on all levels, Sustainable CommunitiesResponsible ConsumptionClimate ChangeMarine LifeEnvironmentSocial Justice, and International Partnerships.

SDG 17 is in-spirit with OWI and is deserving of major support and involvement with our organization and it’s global broadcast and digital capabilities. We welcome the task of assisting in this needed worldwide initiative.