OWI Celebrates International Women’s Day

Lunched in 1911 to encourage and celebrate advances made by women in the business world, International Women’s Day keys on March 8th each and every year, celebrating social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere.

As more women worldwide take strides to enter and even own businesses large and small, their impact is felt globally, celebrating social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere.

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Small Modular Nuclear Reactors May Become The Go-To Energy Source

Can renewable energy replace electric power plants that run 24-7 — including nuclear energy — once battery storage matures and the transmission grid expands? It’s unlikely, given that the intermittent nature of renewables requires a backup source — something that can kick on when the weather is not agreeable.

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The Carbon Credit Market Confuses The Corporate World

Many of the carbon credits used to offset corporate emissions lack merit — a conclusion reached by investigative journalists. The target: Verra, which approves three of every four — voluntary — rainforest carbon projects. The research found that 94% of those voluntary credits are “worthless.”

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Eyes on the Rise of Africa

Economic forecasters worldwide are turning more of their attention and money to the continent of Africa—and no wonder. The Entire continent is experience an economic boom, fueled by increasing urbanization, agricultural mechanization and rising living standards.

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Global Economic Challenges, Opportunities Await 2023

A look ahead at the new year brings foreboding to economies worldwide, as high inflation, rising interest rates and fears of pandemics continue for nations worldwide.

With major central banks planning to raise borrowing costs hoping to tamp down inflation, the risks of a worldwide recession looms ever larger.

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Like Pelé, Lula Can Remake Brazil And Preserve Its Rainforests

The world is mourning Pelé’s passing — a Brazilian soccer star who grew up dirt poor and would become a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN’s Earth Summit. Pelé scored 757 goals during his career, winning three World Cup trophies and inspiring countless Brazilians. Now Brazil has a new working-class hero and the pride of the country’s indigenous population: Lula da Silva, who assumed the nation’s presidency on Jan. 1.

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