Why Preserving Honduras’ Rainforest Will Prevent A Brain Drain

About 500 people a day are leaving Honduras for greener pastures. It’s a byproduct of 13 years of dictatorship that neglected the needs of the people. But that could change now that a new democratically-elected government is in place, which has elevated climate change and forest protection as a national priority. The aim is to create fresh federal revenues by issuing carbon credits to stem migration flow.

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The Hydrogen Economy Will Soon Be Ready For Take Off, Including Planes And Power Plants

Does the aviation sector have its head in the clouds? Indeed, the experts are working hard to make hydrogen a sustainable aviation fuel.

Given the expansion of the production tax credits and the funds for regional hydrogen hubs, hydrogen’s stock is rising. Its possibilities lie in the hard-to-decarbonize industrials or things that cannot quickly electrify. That applies to planes, trains, ships, and long-haul trucks. Electric generators can also run on a blend of hydrogen and natural gas.

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Europe Fuel Shortage Threatens the World Economy

A serious challenge to efforts reigning in the climate crises is looming throughout the European continent. Simply stated, there may simply not be enough oil and natural gas to heat and power European homes and businesses this winter as global energy markets tighten.

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