One World Initiative (OWI) is committed to providing broadcast programming that emphasizes the importance of conservation and the need for conserving the limited resources that make up planet Earth.

To that end, our programming features interviews with leading experts and scientists devoting their lives to conserving and maintaining the flora and fauna of our world.

As we see the growing loss of potable water in several regions of the planet partly due to global warming, we laud the united efforts of those professionals working to restore this, perhaps Earth’s most important resource.

In addition, recent destruction of our rain forests around the world, further causing global warming and choking off what is known as “Earth’s lungs,” these destructive cuttings much be replaced by plantings on a major scale in order to replenish the levels of oxygen lost.

Featured will be interviews and documentaries showcasing cooperative conservations efforts between nations and corporations that are encouraging conservation worldwide.

OWI also highlights conservation efforts to save and restore species in danger of extinction from our ecosystem. This effort includes focus on creatures in the oceans and landmasses of the world, showing cooperative programs underway between benevolent nations, corporations and citizens from around the world.

OWI remains committed to working hard to shine the light on today’s important progress worldwide in all phases of conservation.