Global Philanthropy

One World Initiative (OWI) serves the public worldwide with programming and services of the highest quality in partnership with its network stations, delivering messages designed to build and encourage international cooperation among all the nations of the world.

An important segment of OWI’s mission is providing a central resource, a clearinghouse, for the many philanthropic organizations seeking similar goals to combine their efforts for greater impact. OWI believes such coordinated efforts bringing philanthropies together for cooperative actions will result in increased philanthropic success.

Philanthropic programs to improve the environment, to reel in the planetary damage caused by global warming, to relieve poverty and provide medical care around the globe, to end the international threats of pandemics—all exist within a patchwork of well-meaning organizations and foundations.

OWI broadcasts provide philanthropic organizations with their own global voice, enhancing their efforts and achievements, adding impact globally.

OWI serves as a single-source coordinator for collective actions as well as serving as a broadcast partner for philanthropic organizations worldwide.