OWI Supports SDG 17

As 2022 comes to a close, One World Initiative Advocacy looks ahead to a brighter future as the new year approaches; Future interviews will focus on economic issues. OWI has added a major new platform in support of the United Nation’s effort known as Sustainable Development Goal 17, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering enhanced …

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UN Power Couple Shares Experiences with OWI Conversations

In a most unusual occurrence, OWI Conversations with Sophia Luo presents a rare interview with a longtime European United Nations Ambassador and his accomplished wife. Her guests are Slovakia’s Ambassador Michal Mlynar, a former educator and longtime diplomat, along with his wife, Andrea Mlynarova, a mathematics professor and former president of the prestigious UN Delegation’s …

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Mauricio de la Maza-Benignos

Dr. Mauricio de la Maza-Benignos, Director Général of Pronatura Noreste, México; Former Director, World Wide Fund for Nature; Conservationist; Member of Mexico’s National System of Researchers.

Amaury de Parcevaux

Amaury de Parcevaux is an Executive Director and Banker in the Greenwich office of J.P. Morgan Private Bank. Amaury partners closely with wealthy individuals, family offices and entrepreneurs who seek concierge access and seasoned guidance to add value across their entire financial spectrums. He serves as a confidante and trusted resource to help unravel the complexities of significant assets.