This Is Why We’re Here

As the year 2022 slides forward, it feels as if our world seems to be falling apart. Our climate crisis brings frequent storms, wildfires, rising tides and record heat waves that continue to ravage our planet. Just as COVID-19 appeared to be ebbing, new variants crop up causing mandated lockdowns in countries across the globe.

OWI Supports Ukrainian Refugee Aid Efforts

A growing variety of aid organizations have been formed to support relief efforts for the refugee crisis in the Ukraine as the Russian army advances deeper no the country. Following is a glimpse at many options that exist alongside UNICEF that deserve the support of us all.

Climate Change: An Economic Game Changer

An intriguing number of innovative companies are emerging in light of efforts to combat the threat of our changing climate and global warming. Here’s a look at a few of them that are answering the call to save our planet.