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This Is Why We’re Here

As the year 2022 slides forward, it feels as if our world seems to be falling apart.

Our climate crisis brings frequent storms, wildfires, rising tides and record heat waves that continue to ravage our planet. Just as COVID-19 appeared to be ebbing, new variants crop up causing mandated lockdowns in countries across the globe.

The unwarranted Russian assault on Ukraine, with reports of entire cities facing devastating destruction, casts a gloom over the world separating nations apart from one another. So much so that business leaders are predicting the end of economic globalization and a decline in multi-national cooperation. Plus a handful of separatist battles erupt around the globe as the rise of authoritarianism threatens the very nature of democracy.

This is why we’re here.

One World Initiative Advocacy (OWI) was formed to provide a means of bringing nations closer together in the spirit of cooperation and prosperity for all nations of the world through shared communication and a deeper understanding of each other. Our program of sharing global public broadcasts and streaming platforms are designed to present dialogue and discussions that provide improved understanding and inspiration for all people of the world.

Our landmark interview series, OWI Conversations, presents exclusive insights from a long list of influential and authoritative leaders on topics that touch us all: combatting the climate crisis by cutting carbon emissions by the year 2050, working to bring an end to the pandemic and its variants, to promoting opportunities and developments of economic cooperation among nations, to encouraging worldwide educational opportunities and shining a light on the multiple cultures of all people sharing our planet.

As we see nation after nation pulling in, becoming more insular and isolated, we want to help them pull out and join hands with the rest of the world. To bring back multi-national cooperation, to believe that more good can come from working together than toiling apart.

As we take time to listen to each other, really listen, OWI believes that today’s wounds will heal and in time we can once again seek cooperative ventures that move our civilization forward for the benefit of todays and future generations.

Let’s strive to create a better world. One that will provide a future that is safe, free and prosperous for our children’s children. Let’s talk with each other, share our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams. We can do this. And you can count on OWI to lead the way.

That’s why we’re here.